Words About Words and a Dance

Posted on:March 18, 2019

Hello. Time for another blog. I was thinking about words, the heft of them. And the letters that make up the words. And I started making notes. Well, they turned into something that might one day be itself a poem, but I’m going to experiment a little. This blog is a prose poem. Here it goes.

The weight of the word,/equal to the weight/of its letters, but more:/letters are, for the most part,/just letters (except for “I”, “a”, and in certain times and circumstances, “o”),/meaningless. But the/word means something beyond:/the music of the letters/enhances the song of the words:/words on the page in various shapes,/sometimes broken on purpose,/but usually in logical–/dare I use that word?–/lines and stanzas creating an experience/for the writer, the reader,/different every time to whomever/looks upon, hears it:/if the poet tunes the words to the truth of the poem,/all of us can dance to the poem/

and that is best of all.//


That’s all I have to say today. I need to think more about this. Maybe more will show up in another blog. But I also want to blog about how I write, the process, etc.



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